Or… A cryptocurrency trading strategy that I am testing for lower risk (and therefore lower profit) but maximises the amount of money that is invested in the market.


There are many strategies out there for trading cryptocurrencies, as I delved deeper into how trading works, I decided to test out some strategies that best fit with my overall goals — which did not always align with strategies that I have read about.

This article goes through the thinking behind the ISLE trading strategy how it is implemented and hopefully will meet all of my goals (including making a profit).


Or… How I increased my typing skills with 10 minutes a day.


Using a browser with the in-built search functionality and just tapping away at a random article helps you to gain real-world typing experience to up your words per minute (WPM) count.

1. Open your favourite browser
2. Start the search functionality (⌘-f on a Mac, or ctrl-f on Windows/*NIX machines)
3. Start tapping away, the highlight follows you


I learned to code at the age of 6, and had my own computer by the age of 8 or so. So I have had a keyboard for quite some…

Or… Understanding the value of spreading your investments amongst old and new markets.


Diversifying your investments into cryptocurrencies provides a unique opportunity, this does not go into trading strategies this is just my journey and some thoughts of their offerings:

1. eToro — long term investment, (HODL as they say) — marke
2. Binance — day trading account
3. FTX — futures day trading account
4. Kraken/Coinspot others — more out of interest and opportunity than anything else
5. 3commas.io

Or… How to train yourself to evaluate ‘information’ that you come across.


A look at the ‘facts’ that are shared by people as various memes, and whilst I find then ‘interesting’ and sometimes ‘amusing’, they are simply not true.

We are training people to not think about things, even at the smallest level, which makes it easier for the bigger lies to spread and be believed.

Critical thinking is now, more than ever, a pre-requisite for people in today’s society. …

Or… Countering the built in expectations of society that are constantly reinforced throughout a child’s life. Letting children grow up to evaluate their (and society’s) decisions and beliefs goes far beyond these two topics, into everything that they should.


I want to empower my children to evaluate their decisions around marriage and having children — and whichever way their decision lies — it needs to be their decision, not something that an unquestioned reflection of “society’s beliefs”.

The evaluation of their beliefs is critically important to personal growth — no matter what those beliefs are — especially for any beliefs…

Or… How lean process improvement can be applied to just about everything in your life to eliminate waste in resources. Plus, you will have a delicious sauce at the end which will impress everybody that you know.


How lean process improvement can affect every facet of your life, looking at it through the lens of making béarnaise sauce — with some side servings of life advice that I try to impart to my children.

It is about questioning and evaluating everything that you do, and trying to improve your life, with small steps at every point — so that you…

People talk about ‘goal setting’, how to do it, which framework is the best… Let me let you in on a little secret — there isn’t a ‘best framework’, this article is about a framework for achieving the goals that you have set — by whatever means that you set them.


There are too many goal setting frameworks out there, and why you should use ‘this framework’ or ‘that framework’, or why ‘that framework’ is so much better than ‘the other framework’. Forget about setting goals, to achieve goals this is what you need for the best chance of success:

Or… Re-thinking salary payments over the course of the year for the benefit of staff.


Offering a 13, or 14 month pay period is a way to give the same annual salaries to employees, whilst giving a larger salary payment at certain points in the year, to help cover high expenditure periods.

This article goes through the explanation, implementation, and pros and cons of such a system, whereby the monthly salary is reduced, compensated by a larger salary either once, or twice a year.


13 or 14 months in a year?

Offering a 13, or 14 month pay period is…

Or… how to programmatically (as opposed to visually) generate a 3D Model using using OpenSCAD to export a usable model.


For those that want to accurately generate a model programmatically, OpenSCAD is an excellent choice. You will need to be able to do some simple programming, with possibly a bit of logic, but there is a fast feedback loop, and debugging mode to make sure that it all looks correct.

Note: this is part of a series of articles: See 3d Game Programming with Java and libGDX — Overview of Articles

What You Will Need

Drinking should be fun, it helps people to relax and serves as a social lubricant to help people bond. However, with the changes that alcohol makes to your mind, having a set of rules — that everyone understands — is a way to ensure that the fun of drinking is not diminished, the event is inclusive, and people feel safe and are actually safe.

Let this be clear — it is not about encouraging or drinking to excess, it is about how to ensure that everyone has a positive time whilst drinking.

A shot of a bar, with bottles of spirits  on multiple levels


The three rules are very simple:

1. “When…


All sorts of interests

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