• Mindy Pattinson

    Mindy Pattinson

    I write about anything and everything that interests me! Always open for suggestions and feedback!

  • Poets of Bosnia

    Poets of Bosnia

    We are a team of various writters from Bosnia and Herzegovina, composed of experts within different fields of education and interests.

  • Annie


    I write what I feel and share my experiences. I write about healthy lifestyle.

  • Daphne Peña

    Daphne Peña

    2nd Gen Classical Pilates Teacher/Studio owner trained by Romana. West End, Broadway, film/TV performer, writer, co-director Lemad/Truth and Dare Theatre Co.

  • Ayursed Gereloyun

    Ayursed Gereloyun

    I am a citizen of Mongolia. Email address agereloyun@gmail.com

  • Joachim Guth

    Joachim Guth

    “Where will our Planet Go” is what currently drives my pen and thoughts.

  • Sophia Kwanza

    Sophia Kwanza

    My journal is not an everyday thing, but really helps me think things through. In here, I’ll publish it, if only temporarily. Blink and you miss it!

  • Brittany Leilani

    Brittany Leilani

    just a girl who enjoys to read and write. :)

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