MidJourney Cheat Sheet For The Best Results

Or… The settings that I use to ensure that I get the best artificially generated image for the dollars that I spend

4 min readAug 22, 2022


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Table Of Contents

MidJourney Options
[🧠] Private Generation
[🧠] Controlling the image generation
[🧠] Controlling the MidJourney jobs
[🧠] Getting your images
[🧠] Getting information about your account
[🧠] Handy Links

MidJourney Options

There is a plethora of MidJourney options — these are the ones that you should know about to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Private Generation

The first thing that you want to do is to go into the MidJourney Bot private channel.

The #newbies channel can get very noisy and it can be hard to track all of your generations as there are so many people generating images and the messages scroll very quickly.

Head over to your private MidJourney Bot and do your generation there:

Controlling the image generation

There are two parts to this — the general settings for your account, and the suffix that you can use for each of the /imagine commands that you run


This will give you an interactive where you can select the right options for yourself. The higher and faster the modes — the more that you will pay in time costs.

The Suffix

Using the /prefer command saves you having to type the options every time that you use the /imagine command

/prefer suffix --ar 16:9 --video --q 0.5

  • --ar 16:9 sets the aspect ratio — the default is to generate a 1:1 square image