Goodbye Unsplash

Or… Choosing to be a full content creator.

3 min readJul 29, 2022


Image by Author :)


Content creation — not just writing — is about getting your voice across. Drawing is something that I have always been interested in, along with writing, so I thought I would add even more uniqueness to my articles.

Quick update: since writing this post (I put this on delayed publish) I have created multiple of my hand sketches for articles, and am quite pleased with the results — Picasso I am not — but happy I am.

Table Of Contents

1. I like Unsplash, But…
2. Hand-Drawn Stick figures Ahoy
↳ 2.1. What on earth is this article image?
3. The Method
4. Finding Your Inner Voice

I like Unsplash, But…

It is so easy to use the images on Unsplash — the integration with Medium is just fantastic, but…

Everyone is using it, you type in your search, a grid of pictures appears, and you choose one that sort of meets the criteria.

Few people will go to the second page of the results — it is just like the old joke:

“Where do you hide a body?
On the second page of a Google search result”

Hand-Drawn Stick figures Ahoy

I thought I’d give it a whirl, do some quick sketching, and see if my drawing improves with my writing, only time will tell.

If nothing else — it will be a truly unique image on both Medium and the internet at large.

I didn’t say I was any good at drawing, just that I was going to do it.

What on earth is this article image?

  1. wave emoji = Goodbye
  2. Honey — take away the Hey = on (but pronounced ‘un)
  3. A terrible drawing of a water splash

Goodbye Unsplash — hehehehe

The Method

  1. Draw on an A5 piece of paper