Faster Typing Through A Browser And Search

3 min readAug 20, 2021

Or… How I increased my typing skills with 10 minutes a day.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash


Using a browser with the in-built search functionality and just tapping away at a random article helps you to gain real-world typing experience to up your words per minute (WPM) count.

1. Open your favourite browser
2. Start the search functionality (⌘-f on a Mac, or ctrl-f on Windows/*NIX machines)
3. Start tapping away, the highlight follows you


I learned to code at the age of 6, and had my own computer by the age of 8 or so. So I have had a keyboard for quite some time now. As time progressed, and I moved on from the one finger ‘hunt and peck’ method to the more full fingers on the keyboard, I never quite progressed to be a touch typist. On the odd occasion, I would download a typing tutor for the computer and would tap away at it and get very bored by it, and give up, once again to go back to my usual way of typing.

The typing tutors never really gave me a good introduction to typing, and every time that I would start up again, I would then start at the horrific beginning with:

aaaa ssss dddd fff jjjj kkkk llll ;;;;

This got boring very quickly, no wonder I gave up.

Moving Forward

About a month ago or so, I read a quick post on how a person used their browser to help them get their word count up, so I decided to give it a go.

It was a simple method that utilised all of the applications that I had readily installed, was a true reflection of what you would actually need to type in real life, and finally, only took a couple of minutes per day — which I would generally do before my work started.

How it works

I use Firefox as my browser of choice on a Mac, so the setup may be different for you.

  1. Open up your browser to a site of your choice — I would recommend a local news site (at least something with correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalisation)
  2. Open the find box in the browser —I select the ‘Highlight All’ and ‘Match Case’ options and away I type.