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What People Mean By Socialism [CXIX]

Or… The news media narrative is that people want socialism and they rail against it — but people don’t actually want his

2 min readSep 15, 2022
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Hard Core Definition

The economic philosophy of socialism is quite broad, however, people who talk about socialism when they don’t agree with a government policy generally mean:

“The means of production and ownership is by society not private companies or people”

If there is any ‘socialist’ agenda — where the government (i.e. social ownership) tries to do something for its people then there is the outrage from the people.

How dare they do something that means that businesses won’t profit from this.

But this is not what the government means. There are already plenty of ‘socialised’ services in which businesses thrive as well.

A functioning society requires that the populace has three things, 2 of which have government counterparts

  1. Healthy — ???
  2. Educated — public schools
  3. Safe — police and fire services

The anti-socialist agenda will say that if there were ‘socialised’ healthcare then:

  • Businesses will lose money
  • Doctors and nurses will get paid less
  • People will be fired

But they never say

“Think of all the healthcare that we could provide to people”

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