‘The Three Rules¹ of Drinking’

A shot of a bar, with bottles of spirits  on multiple levels
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The Effects of Alcohol

The Rules

Rule 1: “When someone offers you a drink, kindly accept.”

Or, this is an excellent chance to be thankful and build bonds with people

Rule 2: “If some one wants to leave, confirm it with them, not once, not twice, but three times, and then ensure that they have a plan to get home safely”

Or, ensure that people are feeling included, and are having fun.

  1. Sam agrees to have a chat, feels more included, and Andy gets to spend some quality time with Sam in a one to one conversation…
    … or …
  2. Sam decides that it really is time to go

Rule 3: “Everything said whilst drinking is only pencilled in… unless confirmed the next day.”

Or, not being forced to hold to a decision when you agreed to something with diminished cognitive powers.

  1. Firstly, all is forgotten, including the subtext, it is as though it never happened, unless…
  2. “It is confirmed the next day.” — and by next day, this may be days later, in any case, it is as though the decision was never made.


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All sorts of interests

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