Long Car Trips and Short Attention Spans [LXXXVI]

Or… From radios to Spotify to podcasts

2 min readAug 30, 2022
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The Wheels On The Bus

Listening to the radio in the car — a classic way of finding new music, getting news updates, and hearing a lot of advertisements.

Radio: Unlimited music, no choice of ordering in the music — you get what they stream. Lots of Ads.

Then came tape decks, and CD players (maybe even a six-CD stacker), sure you could make a mix tape, or burn a CD with your tunes, it was better but still limited.

Tapes and CDs: Limited music, limited choice in the ordering of the music, no ads.

Enter Spotify (or whatever your favourite streaming service is)

Streaming service: Unlimited music, ordering of your music, no ads (if you subscribe that is)

Kids these days…

Never happy with the music, always skipping back and forth.

So now I just play podcasts or audiobooks for them.

“The Unbelievable Truth” is what we are listening to now.

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