I Never Really Thanked People For The Inspiration That They Gave Me

Or… Why I am so grateful for all of the inspiration, advice, and kindness of others

3 min readAug 18, 2022
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My Top 3 Inspirations In Life

People inspire other people. They give people ideas, push people to reach their full potential, and help them accomplish their goals. People don’t need to be neither rich nor famous to inspire. Some of the most inspirational people that I have come across are not those who are famous, they were just people that I came across in my life, who impacted me more than they will ever realise.

Choosing to inspire people is more difficult than choosing to scare them, as is evidenced by the way in which news and media is fed to us. The more of an emotional appeal that the media outlets give us, the more we are absorbed with what they are telling us.

Fear, anger and sadness, those are the emotions that most of us are fed.

  • They keep us in a state of paranoia, constantly looking over our shoulders.
  • They keep people in a state of anger, constantly looking for someone to blame, for someone to punish.
  • They keep people in a state of sadness, constantly looking for someone to pity, to help them feel better.

Only we can choose how we want to respond to them — but even more importantly — only we can choose whether we want to consume them.

Looking for inspiration

But every now and then, there comes some inspiration, from words, from people, from events, from situations.

Here are three that come to mind

  1. My mathematics teacher — I never thanked her for teaching me the love of mathematics — I distinctly remember learning about Calculus and how you could determine the area under a curve. Somethng just clicked and I thought to myself “How cool is that !?!??!”
  2. My ex-boss who told me that I should study computer science as I seemed to love it so much — this led me down a path of programming and IT Consultancy
  3. My first mentor — who told me that…