Garrett Ziegler — Thank Goodness He Is Not Racist —Because He Sure Is A Mysoginistic, Sexist Prig

6 min readJul 22, 2022

Or… Any of the ‘-isms’ and ‘-ists’ are just as bad as each other — chances are, if you have one, you have a lot more.

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Mr. Ziegler says that he isn’t a racist (which he probably is) but he certainly indicated that he is a sexist mysogist.

In a tolerant society, intolerance must not be tolerated (a brain-tingling paradox) — and these intolerances must be called out.

Table Of Contents

The racism rant
The sexism misogynistic rant
You always attack the things that you fear the most
Why We Cannot Tolerate Intolerance
The paradox of tolerance
Calling it out


Like any ‘-ism’ (racism, sexism, ageism, etc.) it is a sign of ignorance, a lack of understanding. It is something that is deeply embedded within you and you try hard to stop people from knowing that you have it, until your guard is down and it slips out — showing your true colours.

The racism rant

I am not going to link to his disgusting rant that he went on — suffice to say — it is something which should remain in the depths of the internet as a reminder that thoughts like this still exist today and should be held up as examples of how, as a society, we need to actively speak out against this.

During the 30-minute rant railing against the select committee, Mr. Ziegler described himself as a “young Christian” fighting against this “Bolshevik, anti-white campaign”. Mr. Ziegler added a caveat that he is the “least racist person” many of his listeners had ever met.

The sad fact is that people who say that they are the “least racist” (or not racist) are probably pretty high up on the list for being racist. People who aren’t racist, don’t need to tell people, people see it through their words and actions, and they don’t need to affirm it.

Alas, everybody has prejudices, it is only by accepting this fact that you can acknowledge…